CCDS 235-P-1 Capacitor Charging Power Supply 35 kV 2 kJ s

CCDS 235-P-1 Capacitor Charging Power Supply 35 kV 2 kJ/s

Maxwell CCDS 235-P-1 Capacitor Charging Power Supply 35 kV 2 kJ/s

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is a General Atomics/Maxwell Laboratories CCDS 235-P-1 high voltage capacitor charging power supply. Note that the top segment of the Voltage LCD least significant digit does not function, nor do the top segments of either the least or second significant digit on the Current display. This does not affect the functionality of the supply, but can make reading the panel meters confusing.

The CCDS Series of high voltage switching power supplies is designed to quickly charge capacitors, either small capacitances at high repetition rates, or large capacitor banks at low repetition rates. High frequency switchmode technology provides a compact and lightweight reliable power supply with a constant current, linear charging profile.

The many standard features and options make this series useful for laboratory and commercial applications such as lasers, medical accelerators, pulse generators, and high voltage test facilities. Designed for continuous use, these air-cooled power supplies provide an average charging rate of 2 kJ/s. Output control and status monitoring are accomplished with the standard remote control interface.

CCDS power supplies provide high regulation with the use of a patented topology that reduces the size of the quantum of charge (also called the "bucket" of energy) delivered at the end of the charging cycle. CCDS supplies are inherently current sources due to their topology, which makes them very easy to parallel.

In the CCDS line of power supplies, the control topology is designed so that the power supply operates as a constant current source into the capacitive load with an autocrossover point at the output voltage set point. The voltage on the capacitor then rises linearly until the desired setpoint voltage is achieved, at which point the power supply switches operating modes so that the power supply only provides enough "keep-alive" current to the capacitor to regulate the output voltage.

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Maximum Output Voltage

35 kV

Power Efficiency

90 %

Output Current

0.11 A




1 %

Output Power

2 kW

AC Input Power

208 VAC, 3 Phase