X-Chron 540 Picosecond X-Ray Streak Camera


  • Refurbished Hadland X-Chron 540 picosecond x-ray streak camera
  • Resolution chart photocathode for camera adjustment
  • Removable grid electrode
  • Blank photocathode holder for custom photocathode fabrication
  • Vacuum gauge and interlock controller
  • User manual


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PRICE: $47800.00




The X-Chron 540 is a versatile, high performance streak camera with x-ray, Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV), eXtreme Ultraviolet (XUV), and electron sensitivity. In fact, with the remotely demountable photocathode system, spectral sensitivity may be easily tailored to the experimental goals. The demountable streak tube allows other modifications, such as gridless operation and use of in-vacuum readout devices.


The 540 was designed as a diagnostic for high energy density physics experiments such as Z-pinch and laser inertial confinement which generate x-radiation and where the precise recording of x-ray energy, intensity, duration and velocity of the plasma is essential.


The X-Chron 540 features high spatial resolution, user convenience, and flexibility under laboratory conditions. A wide variety of sweep speeds and sweep options are switch controllable at the chassis. Astigmatism focus corrections for the various sweep speeds are separately controlled. The photocathode can be extended remotely for viewing through a vacuum window without breaking vacuum. The photocathode can be replaced in less than 30 minutes by removing the vacuum window without moving the streak camera.


This system compares favorably with these x-ray streak cameras:

  • Hamamatsu C1936
  • Hamamatsu C4575-03
  • Hamamatsu C4575-02
  • Thomson/CSF C650
  • Kentech XRSC
  • AXIS Photonique AXIS-PX
  • Sydor Ross 8600 X-Ray


Intensifier Blanking


Sweep Speeds [picoseconds/mm]

20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000

Phosphor Screen Diameter

50 mm

Modes of Operation

Focus, Synchronization, and Operate

Best Spatial Resolution [lp/mm]


Average Spatial Resolution [lp/mm}


Slit Width

Easily Changed

Photocathode Material

Easily Changed

Streak Tube Magnification


Usable Photocathode Width

17.5 mm

Grid Type

1500 lines/inch copper mesh with 55% to 60% transmission

Phosphor Material

P20 medium persistence, aluminised

Maximum Sweep Length

40 mm

Temporal Resolution

5 picoseconds

Maximum Sweep Repetition Rate

5 Hz

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