160 kV MicroFocus X-ray Source

160 kV MicroFocus X-ray Source

Yxlon FeinFocus Y.FXE-160.50 160 kV MicroFocus X-ray Source System

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.


  • Yxlon / FeinFocus 160 kV MicroFocus X-ray transmission head
  • Control modules for X-ray head
  • Standard target
  • Spare filaments
  • Gulmay UC160/5 160 kV MicroFocus X-ray high voltage generator
  • Comet 5 meter 150 kV R24 high voltage cable
  • R24 flange for generator end of cable
  • R24 flange for X-ray tube end of cable
  • Leybold Trivac D2.5E roughing vacuum pump
  • Leybold Turbotronik NT12 turbo pump controller
  • Leybold Turbovac high vacuum pump
  • Leybold PTR high vacuum Penning gauge transmitter
  • All necessary hoses and cables
  • Service tool for X-ray tube
  • User manuals

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Serviced by Hofstra Group

  • Verified X-ray imaging functionality (see radiographs above)
  • Cleaned X-ray tube internally in clean room environment
  • Replaced cooling fans to increase reliability
  • Replaced degraded o-rings, fasteners, and hoses
  • Helium leak checked vacuum components
  • Replaced roughing pump oil
  • Verified that vacuum pumps meet specifications

Y.FXE microfocus X-ray systems have been developed for the non-destructive testing of 2D and 3D materials. As a result of the modular construction and wide variety of options they offer, these high-performance 160 kV and 225 kV microfocus X-ray systems are perfectly suited for nearly any inspection task.

Using the “High-Power Target” feature, transmission tube heads can scan even weakly contrasting or strongly absorbent materials.

The open system design guarantees a high degree of maintenance friendliness and an almost unlimited operational lifespan for the X-ray tubes. And in the process, unique TXI technology and automatic tube calibration provide for a system with long-term stability. Whether in X-ray rooms or YXLON radiation-shielded cabinets, Y.FXE forms the core of modern, productive and efficient inspection systems.


  • Perfect images due to intelligent technology
  • High resolution, even at high power output
  • Constant dose due to TXI (True X-ray Intensity)
  • Low operating costs


Maximum Output Power

10 W


950 nm

Maximum Voltage

160 kV

Maximum Current

1.0 mA