Leveltronic A40 Differential Electronic Level

Leveltronic A40 Differential Electronic Level

Wyler Leveltronic A40 Differential Electronic Level Inclinometer Kit

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.


  • Refurbished Wyler Leveltronic A40 with 6 inch Angular V-groove Base
  • Refurbished Wyler Leveltronic A40 with 6 inch Horizontal Flat Base
  • Wyler 4 inch Step Length Screw-On Base
  • Refurbished Wyler Levelmeter Readout for Leveltronic A40
  • Two 8 foot cables For Wyler A40 Leveltronic System
  • Carrying cases
  • User manual

Hofstra Group Refurbishment

  • Complete operational validation
  • Rework of signal cables for improved reliability
  • Replacement of degraded case foam
  • Replacement of degraded electronic components

Options available from Hofstra Group

  • Mounting to Ultradex table for measuring large angles and calibrating rotary axes
  • Traceable calibration

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Absolute leveling

In absolute leveling, the Wyler Leveltronic is used to show any deviation in the right-angle relationship between a horizontal surface and the earth's gravitational force (usually expressed as an angular or linear deviation from absolute level), or to show any change in this relationship over a period of time.

Differential leveling

In differential leveling, the Wyler Leveltronic is used to compare the orientation (attitude) of separate or adjacent horizontal surfaces, or to show any change in this comparison over a period of time.

Squareness and arbitrary angles

When mounted to an ULTRADEX table or precision angle plate, the Wyler Leveltronic is capable of measuring squareness and arbitrary angles with respect to gravity or to show any change in arbitrary angular relationships over a period of time.

Principle of operation

A proof mass is suspended by flexures between two electrodes so that the difference in distance between the proof mass and each of the two electrodes may be measured using an integrated capacitance bridge. Even a slight change in the gravitational vector causes the proof mass to move closer to one of the electrodes. This slight change is displayed by the Levelmeter in arcseconds of tilt.


  • Powered by four AA batteries for complete portability
  • Hermetically sealed inclination sensors make measurements insensitive to environmental conditions
  • Excellent linearity
  • Analog output for data logging


  • Check flatness, roll or pitch of machine ways, machine beds and other surfaces which establish critical paths.
  • Profile surface plates or other precision surfaces.
  • Align missile, gyro and radar platforms, machine beds and optical devices and critical sight paths.
  • Check proper installation of building or bridge foundations and structural members.
  • Show deflections in machine tools caused by movement of carriages and cross slides or by the force of the tool against the work.
  • Show the extent of deformation in objects under stress.
  • Use as sensor for feedback control of platform level.



1% linearity and ±5% tolerance of sensitivity

Angular Range

13 arcminutes


0.2 arcseconds


0.2 arcseconds

Signal Cable Length

8 ft