Scintec XFAS High-Performance Sodar Wind Profiler

Scintec XFAS High-Performance Sodar Wind Profiler

Scintec XFAS High-Performance Sodar Wind Profiler System with Heating

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is a freshly refurbished Scintec XFAS high-performance SODAR wind profiler system.


  • XFAS flat SODAR array with heating to prevent icing
  • Power supply for XFAS
  • Signal processing unit
  • Antenna heater power supply
  • APRun Software v1.45
  • All necessary cables
  • RS-232 to USB adapter
  • Hardware manual
  • Software manual

The Scintec XFAS is a high-performance, long-range acoustic profiler for the measurement of wind and turbulence within the atmospheric boundary layer.

The operation is based on the reflection of acoustic pulses at temperature inhomogeneities in the air with subsequent doppler analysis.

The instrument can replace towers, tethered balloons or radiosondes at a fraction of the operational costs. The system can be easily transported and installed. Low power consumption facilitates operation in remote areas.

With its proprietary Flat Array Antenna and patented technology, the Scintec XFAS has significant advantages in accuracy, data availability, energy efficiency, lifetime and serviceability – even over systems which are much larger and require more power.

The versatile but easy-to-use operation software APRun satisfies the most demanding needs. Its configurability, graphical display and output options, quality control features, statistical analysis tools, remote access support and self-test functions define today’s standard in wind profiler operation software.

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AC Input Power

110-120 VAC 50/60 Hz