Picosecond Step Generator 4000 opt 1

Picosecond Step Generator 4000 opt 1

Picosecond Pulse Labs Picosecond Step Generator 4000 opt 1

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is a Picosceond Pulse Labs model 4000 opt 1 picosecond step generator. Also included is an Instruction Manual.

The Model 4000 & 4500 Picosecond Step Generators produce extremely fast, high amplitude step function pulses. They are completely solid-state using avalanche transistors and step-recovery diodes. They are available in two options. Option -01 produces a 25V step with a 100ps transition duration time (10%-90% risetime). Option -04 produces a 15V step with a 65ps transition duration time. These generators were originally designed for use in measuring the step response of wide-band networks and instruments such as coaxial cables and traveling wave oscilloscopes. The design goal was to build an extremely stable pulse generator which produced a very clean step function. Option -01 produces a clean step with a near Gaussian like transition and a very flat topline with less than +-2% topline perturbations. Option -04 produces a faster transition duration at the expense of increased baseline and topline perturbations. The duration of the step is 10ns which is usually sufficient for the characterization of very broad-band systems. It is not intended that the step be used for measurement times longer than 10ns. After 10ns, the output pulse has a ragged falling edge waveform with a slow 2ed transition duration of 35ns. These generators are complete instruments including regulated power supplies, internal rep. rate clock, trigger and step output circuits. They can be operated at repetition rates from single shot up to 100 kHz and also driven by an external TTL sync pulse. A trigger output pulse is provided in addition to the step pulse output. The delay between the trigger and the step output is fixed at 100ns. It features a timing jitter of less than 10ps.

NOTE: Model 4000, S/N 1 - 7 only.

These generators produce a step duration of 20ns. Their final step recovery diode is directly connected to the output connector. As a result they must be terminated in a 50 Ohm, dc, termination to produce the proper step pulse and meet their specifications.

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Serial Number


Output Impedance

50 Ω

Output Rise Time

100 picoseconds

Pulse Amplitude

27 V

Maximum Repetition Rate

100 kHz

Output Pulse Width

20 ns

Output Jitter

10 picoseconds