Picosecond 5210 Impulse Forming Network

Picosecond 5210 Impulse Forming Network

Picosecond Pulse Labs 5210 Impulse Forming Network

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This is a Picosecond Pulse Labs 5210 passive Impulse Forming Network.

The passive Impulse Forming Network (IFN) has the unique property of providing an output that is approximately the derivative of the input waveform, while maintaining an excellent impedance match on all ports. When driven by a step, the output is an impulse; when driven by an impulse, the output is a monocycle.

Transfer function:Vout=Tc * dVin/dt where Tc is the derivative time coefficient.

A third port, labeled “DC”, is terminated in 50 Ohm. A DC baseline offset, bias voltage, and/or a slower risetime pedestal pulse may be connected to this port. See PSPL Application Note AN-9 for more details.


  • Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radar
  • Impulse response testing

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Minimum Input Rise Time

25 picoseconds

Derivative Coefficient (Dt)

13 picoseconds

Maximum CW Input Power

0.5 W

Reflection Coefficient (35 ps TDR)

-3% t < 200 picoseconds


50 ±2(DC) Ω

Output Voltage

2.5 V

Output Pulse Width

50 picoseconds

Electrical Connectors