450 kV Portable Industrial X-Ray System MG450

450 kV Portable Industrial X-Ray System MG450

Philips / YXLON 450 kV Portable Industrial X-Ray System MG450

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.


  • MGG34 portable high voltage generator positive 225 kV
  • MGG33 portable high voltage generator negative 225 kV
  • MGP32 500 Hz high stability power supply
  • MGC30 industrial X-ray system controller (firmware installed for tubes up to 420 kV; upgradeable to include MCN451 450 kV tube and others)
  • OL4501 x-ray tube oil cooler
  • Set of two 5 m long oil hoses to connect cooler to tube
  • User/service manuals with schematics

Refurbished by Hofstra Group

  • Completed day-long high voltage soak test of generators at 225/450 kV
  • Verified regulation of high voltage output
  • Individually tested components and circuits for proper operation
  • Replaced all cooling fans, including those inside generator tanks
  • Replaced degraded high voltage components
  • Replaced all vibration/shock isolation mounts
  • Tested electrolytic capacitors for degradation
  • Verified operation of all safety interlocks including temperatures, pressures, and flow
  • Evacuated and re-filled high voltage generators to eliminate moisture
  • Inspected and replaced electrical connectors as needed
  • Re-worked power supply circuit boards to improve reliability
  • Extensively cleaned and inspected everything inside and out

Options available from Hofstra Group

  • Training and installation
  • X-ray tubes
  • High voltage cables

Philips / YXLON 4.5 kW X-ray systems

The high energy and the high dose rates of the bipolar 4.5 kW systems can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from light alloys and thin walled materials of low density to thick walled materials of high density as e.g. 115 mm iron.

The bipolar 500 Hz X-ray systems feature a very high output stability, a precise energy setting and an extreme fast change over to any selected new value. Any fluctuation or deviation of set values are controlled and corrected within microseconds. These features make the system an excellent candidate not only for radiographic and radioscopic applications but also for scanning methods like tomography and even in the field of dosimetry. In addition these features reduce inspection times considerably, an important economical aspect.

All system components are protected against the influence of dust and water, fulfilling the requirements according to IP 54.


Maximum Output Voltage

450 kV

Maximum Output Power

4.5 kW

Filament Outputs

Fine and Coarse

AC Input Power

208, 220, or 240 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase