GP-41B Ceramic-Metal Triggered Gas Spark Gap

GP-41B Ceramic-Metal Triggered Gas Spark Gap

Perkin Elmer Excelitas GP-41B Ceramic-Metal Triggered Gas Spark Gap

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is a lightly used EG&G/Perkin Elmer/Excelitas model GP-41B ceramic metal triggered spark gap.

EG&G's ceramic-metal triggered gas spark gaps are sealed, three-element switches capable of conducting peak currents up to 50 kA with a total charge transfer of up to 500 milliCoulombs. Operating voltages range from less than 1 kV to 100 kV. Applications include spark chambers, EBW systems, crowbar protection for TWT's and Klystrons, Kerr cell switches, flashtube pulsers, Marx generators, and pulsed gas lasers.

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Static Breakdown Voltage

42 kV

Maximum Voltage

36 kV

Maximum Conducted Charge per shot

0.5 C

Minimum Voltage

12 kV

Minimum Trigger Voltage

20 kV

Maximum Peak Current Output

50 kA