GP-15B Triggered Spark Gap 75 kV

GP-15B Triggered Spark Gap 75 kV

Perkin-Elmer Excelitas GP-15B Triggered Spark Gap 75 kV

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is a new Perkin-Elmer GP-15B-75 triggered spark gap. Excelitas' Triggered Spark Gaps are a family of versatile high voltage switches. They consist of three electrodes in a hermetically sealed, pressurized ceramic envelope. Triggered Spark Gaps are generally characterized by a peak current capability of thousands to tens of thousands of amperes, delay times of tens of nanoseconds, arc resistance of tens of milliohms and inductance of 5 to 30 nanohenries. They are suitable for capacitor switching applications such as flashlamps, medical lithotripters, and as crowbar protection devices. Excelitas triggered spark gaps were previously produced by Pekin-Elmer and EG&G.


Static Breakdown Voltage

75 kV

Maximum Voltage

60 kV

Minimum Voltage

25 kV

Minimum Trigger Voltage

20 kV