HY-1102 Grounded Grid Hydrogen Thyratron 18 kV 1 kA

HY-1102 Grounded Grid Hydrogen Thyratron

Excelitas Perkin-Elmer HY-1102 Grounded Grid Hydrogen Thyratron

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is a lightly used Excelitas Perkin-Elmer EG&G HY-1102 hydrogen thyratron with plenty of shots left. Grounded Grid Thyratrons are negatively pulsed cathode switching devices, designed for use in circuits requiring faster switching times and higher peak currents than are obtainable with conventional positive grid thyratrons.


Peak Forward Anode Voltage

18 kV

Peak Forward Anode Current

1 kA

RMS Anode Current

16 A

Plate Breakdown Factor


Cathode Heater Power

6.3 V @ 7.5 A

Reservoir Heater Power

6.3 V @ 8 A

Control Grid Open Circuit Peak Trigger Voltage (Min.)

20 V

Control Grid Trigger Source Impedance (Max.)

500 Ω

Max. Average Anode Current

0.5 A