EPT-200 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer Acoustic Power Generator

EPT-200 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer Acoustic Power Generator

Ling/Data-Physics/RCT EPT-200 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer Acoustic Power Generator

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High level sound environments are commonly encountered in powerful machinery and high speed vehicles. Considerable stress damage can occur in structures from sustained exposure to high level sound. Many applications require very high excitation sources to simulate situations such as blast off, rocket fire, or high air velocity conditions. Traditional vibration tables cannot deliver sufficient energy for these test conditions, and acoustic generation is most often used.

For these tests, high amplitude acoustic power is often directed or amplified using either a reverberant chamber or progressive wave tube arrangement. High precision acoustic power generators (sometimes referred to as an electro-pneumatic transducer or EPT) are used to cover a wide range of frequencies at staggering levels.

The EPT-200 acoustic power generator provides a controllable method of generating high acoustic power levels by modulating a high volume, low pressure air flow. This method of high-intensity sound generation offers the user a choice of any input desired; it reproduces sine, random, speech or a combination of any or all.

The EPT-200 uses a unique inductive drive system in the reciprocating valve assembly to achieve outstanding performance to frequencies considerably higher than previously attainable. The inductive drive requires no flexible leads or moving coil and offers maximum reliability and minimum moving mass through the use of a one-piece valve and single shorted turn. This design allows the valve to attain the extremely high acceleration levels necessary for operation at high frequencies. The reciprocating assembly is supported by rubber flexures which act as diaphragm seals between the pneumatic pressure in the plenum housing and transducer cooling chamber.

The EPT-200 uses a unique, high efficiency cooling system which is a key factor in its ability to generate high frequencies. The reciprocating valve assembly is cooled by a water spray. Water droplets and vapor are picked up, using a high velocity vacuum system, carried to a separator/heat exchanger and recirculated through the system. The driver coils are edge-wound conductors that are cooled directly by the same water spray. The field coil is made from hollow conductor that uses circulating water in a closed-loop cooling system.

The EPT-200 has four self-contained air filters that may be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. The exhaust plenum, held on with eight cap screws, is easily removed to expose the electro-magnet structure and valve assembly for ease of maintenance or inspection.

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Input Port

4 in quick disconnect fitting

Maximum Air Pressure

60 psig

Output Port Diameter

3.57 in

Coil Input Power

1.4 kW

Air Filtration

40 μm

Pressure Gauge Port

1/4 in female NPT

Acoustic Power Output

10 kW

Operating Air Pressure

36 psig

Frequency Range

20 to 5,000 Hz

Mounting Position


Air Flow

1500 ft3/min