Pulserad 5518 Demountable Field Emission Flash X-ray Tube

Pulserad 5518 Demountable Field Emission Flash X-ray Tube

L-3 Pulserad 5518 Demountable Field Emission Flash X-ray Tube

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is a new L-3 / HP / Field Emission Corporation model 5518 demountable field emission flash x-ray tube for use with 450 kV or 600 kV systems. An aluminum window and cathode disk are included, but a cathode cone is not. Replacement cathode cones may readily be turned from round stock and cathode disk may be punched out of sheet metal. The window is likewise easily replaced. This gives the user complete flexibility in selecting source geometry. In fact, by using no cathode disk and reversing polarity it may be possible to operate this is an electron beam source.

Compatible Systems

  • Fexitron
  • Febetron
  • Pulserad

The Pulserad demountable X-ray tube system was designed with the serious researcher in mind. This special option is most effective when high resolution radiographs are required. Smaller spot size provides better image sharpness when source-to-object distance is less than 12 feet and object-to-sensor distance is a factor. The Pulserad demountable system can be configured to operate tube-in-pulser or in remote tube head configuration. The Pulserad demountable system works with current L-3 Communications Pulse Sciences Flash X-ray systems and all existing Fexitron and HP systems in operation world wide. Since the demountable tube option is a plug and play design, the operator can quickly convert the pulser or the remote tubehead back to a standard L-3 Pulse Sciences sealed tube.

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High-vacuum Port


Length (from Flange)

7.75 in

Flange Bolt Circle Diameter

4.25 in

Output Aperture

0.87 in

Window Material


Flange Diameter

5.0 in