T-670 Triggered High Voltage Spark Gap Switch

T-670 Triggered High Voltage Spark Gap Switch

T-670 Triggered High Voltage Spark Gap Switch

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

The T-670 switch is an extremely versatile and compact pressurized spark gap. Designed for operation in the 20 to 100 kV range, the switch can reliably handle a peak current of 100 kA and a charge transfer of 0.15 Coulomb. Its unique "pancake" design allows maximum use of available space in high density installations and low inductance. The 670 can be operated "maintenance-free" for more than 10,000 shots at full ratings, making it ideally suited for systems requiring a high rate of use with minimum down-time. This switch has proven to be the standard of the industry because of its high reliability, versatility, long life, low maintenance, and easy disassembly for periodic cleaning.


  • low maintenance
  • Long life
  • "Pancake" design for compact installation and low inductance


  • Laser drivers
  • Marx Generators
  • Capacitor banks
  • Current Injectors
  • Pulse-forming networks
  • General high voltage switching


Service Life

>10,000 shots

Peak Current

100 kA

Maximum Voltage

100 kV


0.06 μH

Minimum Voltage

18 kV

Maximum Repetition Rate

10 Hz

Maximum recommended charge transfer per shot

0.15 Coulombs

Minimum Trigger Voltage

>50% of charge voltage

Timing Jitter (RMS)

<1 ns

Maximum Pressure

60 psi

Fill Gas

Air or SF6