SW-50K High Precision Triggered Spark Gap

SW-50K High Precision Triggered Spark Gap

L-3 Pulse Sciences SW-50K High Precision Triggered Spark Gap

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is an L-3 Pulse Sciences SW-50K high precision triggered spark gap switch. The SW-50Ks are compact, high-voltage, pressurized spark gaps designed for use in systems where minimum size, low inductance, and precision triggering are required. UV illumination in the trigger electrode provides particularly reliable triggering. Graphite electrodes are available for applications requiring very precise breakdown characteristics. Because of their rugged construction, the SW-50Ks can operate continuously at modest repetition rates. Although typically operated surrounded by an insulating gas or oil, they can develop full voltage in free air. These spark gaps can operate over a particularly broad range of both the charge voltage and the trigger pulse voltage. The simplicity of the design of these switches and their longterm reliability make them extremely useful in a variety of high-voltage applications.

These switches are particularly well-suited to compact, modest-energy systems which require very low timing jitter. They are used in laser drivers, Marx generators, capacitor banks, current injectors, pulse-forming networks, and other high-voltage switching applications.

Note that this switch has only one Swagelok port, rather than two as shown on the drawings. L-3 Pulse Sciences is also known as Titan Pulse Sciences, Maxwell Laboratories, and Physics International.

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Maximum Voltage

50 kV

Peak Current

50 kA

Minimum Voltage

10 kV