Dual Output 180 kV Marx Generator

Dual Output 180 kV Marx Generator

L-3 Pulse Sciences Fexitron 2722 Dual Output 180 kV Marx Generator

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is a freshly rebuilt Fexitron 2722 manufactured by the Field Emission Corp. division of HP (now L-3 Pulse Sciences). The 2722 is a general purpose Marx generator with trigger transformer designed for driving flash x-ray tubes, or other remote devices. Each generator is supplied with a trigger transformer and transformer cable, 20 foot trigger and charging cables, and two pressure-tight connectors with contacts for use with 5/8 inch OD coaxial cable having an inner dielectric OD of 1/2 inch. Each connector is supplied with a pressure-tight blank so that either 1 or 2 cables can be connected to the pulser. The supplied cables have been terminated on one end for the pulser connections, and can be terminated on the other ends to your specification. For single-output, matched-load operation, we recommend Dielectric Sciences type 2121 coax between the pulser and load.

All the user will need to run this pulser is a 30 kV power supply (polarity of desired pulser output), a -2.5 kV trigger generator, and a nitrogen cylinder with low pressure regulator. If you do not already have these facilities, we would be happy to help you in acquiring them.


Output Impedance

45 Ω

Input Voltage

30 kV

Output Voltage

180 kV

Output Pulse Width

30 ns

Maximum Pressure

50 psi