Febetron 706 Flash X-ray and Electron Accelerator 600 kV

Febetron 706 Flash X-ray and Electron Accelerator 600 kV

Febetron 706 Flash X-ray System and Electron Accelerator 600 kV Marx Generator with Blumlein

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.


  • Febetron 706 pulse generator
  • User manual
  • Cable for connecting 30 kV power supply
  • Cable for connecting trigger generator

Refurbished by Hofstra Group

  • Service and hi-pot test all high voltage modules
  • Replace all seals
  • Replace degraded components
  • Leak test
  • Verify output

Options available from Hofstra Group

  • Control, charging, and triggering systems
  • Reconfiguration for 40 ns, 700 kV. 60 Ohm output
  • Output via coaxial cable or transmission line
  • Pulse forming
  • As-is system that hasn't been refurbished at lower cost

At the heart of this powerful instrument is a 700 kV Marx bank driving a patented Blumlein pulse shaper. The output amplitude is 7000 amperes at 600 kV, the pulse length is 3 nanoseconds at the half current points. The peak beam power is more than 3000 megawatts— enough to activate a lot of mechanisms in a hurry!

What can it be used for? For one thing, the study of fast decay processes— short-lived chemical radicals, electron induced fluorescence, electronic radiation effects, etc. And the electron range is ideal for both gas radiolysis and for cellular biological specimens where dose rate effects may be studied.

As a diagnostic tool it can take high-speed photographs— both X-ray and electron beam shadowgraphs with "stop-motion" clarity for a wide range of object thicknesses and densities. And it may be useful as a dynamic electron beam probe for gas densities in shock waves. Design is similar to that of other Fexitron and Febetron instruments which are available in a complete line of time-tested equipment ranging from 50 kV to 2 million volt systems.

Energy is reproducible to ±5% rms. Several beam parameters are adjustable. A high signal-to-noise ratio is provided by coaxial construction and metal enclosure.


Output Impedance

60 Ω

Maximum Output Voltage

600-700 kV into matched load; 1 MV open circuit

Input Voltage

30 kV

Maximum Repetition Rate

10 Hz

Output Pulse Width

3 ns or up to 40 ns if reconfigured

Maximum Peak Current Output

7 kA