Jordan TOF D-850 Angular Reflectron

Jordan TOF D-850 Angular Reflectron

Jordan TOF D-850 Angular Reflectron Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer Components

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.


  • C-852 reflector assembly
  • C-870 ion source assembly compatible with electron gun ionization source
  • C-854 offset port adapter assembly compatible with liner
  • C-726 40 mm dual microchannel plate detector
  • Electron gun application notes
  • Electron gun instruction manual
  • High voltage power supply and pulser instruction manual
  • Configuration drawings

Repairs required

  • Microchannel plates have been exposed to atmosphere and should be replaced
  • Input grid on C-852 stretched and should be replaced
  • Input grid on C-726 stretched and should be replaced

Options available from Hofstra Group

  • Repair of defects described above
  • Configuration as complete vacuum system without electronics
  • Configuration as turnkey system with all electronics and vacuum components

Angular reflectron D-850

Designed for the researcher that requires higher resolution than can be obtained using linear TOF mass spectrometers. Modular construction from standard vacuum hardware makes custom variations or later modifications easy. Although this type of equipment is complicated in theory, it is mechanically quite simple and easy to use. Resolution of 1500 has been obtained without extensive tweaking or other techniques to enhance initial performance. Resolution of over 4000 has been obtained when used with Jordan TOF Products's Shroud, Skimmer, Pulsed Valve and Egun. Sensitivity has so far been good with both pulsed beam and surface ablation experiments.

C-870 ion source assembly

  • Consists of Repeller plate, Extraction Grid, Acceleration Grid, Einsel lense and Steering Plates
  • Protrudes into the chamber approximately 6 inches from the face of an 8 inch CF flange.

C-854 offset adapter assembly

  • Adapts chamber to flight tube
  • Provides offset for reflector
  • Mounts 40mm MCP Detector and its 50 ohm anode
  • Includes liner connection

C-852 reflector assembly

This two-stage design is composed of an Entry grid which is normally at ground or Flight Tube potential. Behind this is the Retarding Grid, followed by several plates which give a uniform repelling field. More plates are used than are actually required in order to guarantee uniformity and prevent ion scattering and loss of sensitivity. The last element is the Reflector Grid which can run at reflection potential, or be grounded to enable ions reach an optional 18mm MCP Linear Mode Detector behind the reflector.

C-726 40mm dual MCP

The C-726 detector is designed to handle the fast ion pulses provided by the Angular Reflectron Time Of Flight Mass Spectrometer. The 40 mm MCP Detector mounted on the C-854 Offset Adaptor has 50 Ω output and provides high gain of 106 to 107 with sub-nanosecond rise time. An input grid presents a flat, field free plane to the incoming ions. This grid may be operated at ground or elevated potential as required.