Imacon 468 High Speed 8 Frame Framing Camera

Imacon 468 High Speed 8 Frame Framing Camera

Hadland Imacon 468 High Speed 8 Frame Framing Camera

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.


  • Refurbished Hadland Imacon 468 ultra-high-speed camera with 8 framing channels
  • Computer with refurbished communication card
  • New 5 meter fiber optic cable
  • Two new LCD monitors
  • New BNC-terminated trigger cable
  • New keyboard
  • New mouse
  • Imacon 468 Software
  • User Manual

The Imacon 468 camera system has been designed to meet the needs of experimenters working with, and requiring to record images of ultra high speed phenomena. The Camera can be programmed to record a sequence of 8 separate images or multiple images where a number of exposures can be overlaid on each channel. Independent control of channel delay, exposure, interframe, and gain gives the user the maximum possible degree of control over the image acquisition process.

Full geometric calibration and image correction facilities are included in the standard package. In order to survive in the often unfriendly experimental environments, full remote control of the camera is achieved through the use of fibre optic cable.

To allow the users the maximum flexibility in setting up for image capture, the camera is designed to work with standard accessories such as high power flash lamps and camera supports, as well as interfacing to the full range of Nikon lenses. A wide range of trigger signals can be accepted by the camera, and an extra programmable output is provided for triggering events, or other equipment within the experimental setup.

Hofstra Group Refurbishment

  • Functional testing of all features
  • Replacement of degraded electronic components
  • Replacement of electro-mechanical components
  • Cleaning of all optical components
  • Internal inspection
  • Proprietary connectors replaced with industry standard
  • Circuit boards reworked for improved reliability


  • Ballistics
  • Impact studies
  • Electrical discharges
  • Laser induced plasmas
  • Combustion Research
  • Failure Dynamics
  • Elasticity, Crack Propagation and Shock resistance
  • Medical Research and testing
  • Detonics
  • Spray and Particle Analysis
  • Automotive testing
  • Nanotechnology and micro-machines
  • Time-resolved optical spectroscopy
  • Plasma physics
  • Laser emission
  • Photo-chemical kinetics
  • Aerodynamics