XRD-51 Biplanar High Speed X-Ray Detector

XRD-51 Biplanar High Speed X-Ray Detector

Edgerton Germeshausen and Grier XRD-51 Biplanar High Speed X-Ray Detector 300 ps with Diamond Turned Cathode

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This is an EG&G Energy Measurements model XRD-51 windowless x-ray vacuum biplanar phototodiode with diamond-turned aluminum photocathode. The XRD series of fast-response detectors was developed to meet the demands of advanced fusion experiments. Using the transit time equation given in Pellinen et al., the XRD-51 risetime can be estimated to be about 300 picoseconds when operated with a bias of 5kV. Also included are two removable tantalum collimators.

Features of the XRD-51 include:

  • Fast Picosecond Response
  • Removable Collimators
  • Removable Photocathode
  • Removable Anode Mesh
  • Biplanar Geometry
  • Ultra-linear
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Broad Spectral Response

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Effective Photocathode Diameter

39.5 mm

Flange Type

6 inch CF

Rise Time

300 picoseconds

Photocathode Material

Diamond-Turned Aluminum

Anode Mesh Optical Transmission

90 %

Distance Between Anode And Cathode

6.5 mm

Anode Thickness

38 μm

Anode Material


Collimator Material


Collimator Thickness

0.25 mm

HV Connector

0.5 inch diameter, 20 tpi threaded