DEI PVX-4140 High Voltage Pulse Generator 3.5 kV

DEI PVX-4140 High Voltage Pulse Generator 3.5 kV

DEI PVX-4140 High Voltage Pulse Generator 3.5 kV

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is an IXYS/Directed Energy Incorporated PVX-4140 pulse generator. The PVX-4140 produces fast, high voltage wave forms and its robust and versatile design is optimized for high impedance capacitive loads. The exceptional pulse fidelity of the PVX-4140 will optimize the performance of any system in which it is used. The PVX-4140 incorporates all control and protection logic circuitry, support power, energy storage and output network systems. It can be connected directly to the load, and does not require series or shunt resistors, impedance-matching networks between the pulser and the load, or additional energy storage (capacitor banks). All of this is taken care of within the PVX-4140.


  • PVX-4140 pulse generator
  • User manual
  • Power cord


  • Direct-coupling
  • Air-cooled, solid-state (totem pole)
  • Equally fast rise- and fall-times: ≤ 25 ns
  • Low power dissipation
  • Virtually no over-shoot, under-shoot or ringing
  • Over-current detection and shut-down circuitry
    (protects against damage due to arcs and shorts in the load or interconnect cable)
  • Front panel indicator LEDs to monitor the status of the pulse generator
  • Front panel instrument-quality voltage and current monitors
    (for real-time viewing of the output voltage and current waveforms;
    eliminates the need for an external high voltage oscilloscope probe)
  • Optimized to drive deflection plates, grids, pockels cells and other capacitive loads
  • Protected against arcs, shorts and load transients


  • Driving extraction grids and deflection plates for electrostatic modulation of
    particle beams in time-of-flight mass spectrometers and accelerators

  • Pulsing and/or gating for
    - Power tube grids
    - Pockels cells and Q Switches
    - Acoustic transducers
    - Microchannel plates
    - Photomultiplier tubes
    - Image intensifiers

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Rise and Fall Time

≤ 25 ns

Maximum Duty Cycle


Maximum Average Power

100 W (VHigh + VLow)

Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) Range

Single Shot to 30 kHz at 3500 V continuous output,
maximum limited by power dissipation
5 MHz burst (Input Gate controlled)

Maximum Output Voltage

±3500 V (VHigh − VLow)


Input Connector Type: SHV (+HV IN)
Input Connector Type: SHV (−HV IN)
Output Connector Type: SHV (OUTPUT)
Gate Input Connector Type: BNC (Front Panel)

DC Input Voltage

- Maximum Value +3500 V above −HV IN level
- Minimum Value 0 V

- Maximum Value −3500 V below +HV IN level
- Minimum Value 0 V

Minimum Output Voltage

0 V

Output Voltage

Maximum Value: ±3500 V (−HV IN − +HV IN)
Minimum Value: 0 V
Means of Adjustment: Controlled By Power Supply Input Voltages

Gate Trigger Signal Input

Gate Input +5V ±1V into 50 Ω
Gate Rise Time ≤20ns