Behlke Fast High Voltage Transistor Switch 10 microsecond on-time 30 kV 30 A

Behlke Fast High Voltage Transistor Switch 10 microsecond on-time 30 kV 30 A

Behlke Fast High Voltage Transistor Switch 10 microsecond on-time 30 kV 30 A

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.


  • 1) Behlke HTS-300 high voltage transistor switch

Tested by Hofstra Group

  • Cleaned high voltage insulators to prevent tracking
  • Installed in test circuit recommended by Behlke and monitored high voltage performance
  • Verified performance at maximum voltage and rep rate
  • Monitored fault signal, power consumption, and control lines during testing

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HTS-300 solid-state switches generate precise high-voltage pulses with amplitudes of up to 30 kV as needed for example in pulsed electrostatic deflection and acceleration systems. HTS-300 are perfect for generating high voltage pulses with a very fast leading edge and a highly stable and ripple-free pulse top, but without special requirements regarding the trailing edge.

In contrast to conventional high-voltage switches like gas discharge tubes or electron tubes, HTS switches do not need heating power or complex drive circuitries. They show a very short recovery time, low jitter and high-reliability typical for semiconductor devices. The power part of the switching modules is made up of a large number of MOSFET connected in parallel and in series which are absolutely synchronously controlled by a special driver. Due to the galvanic isolation the devices can be used as high-side switches for positive as well as for negative voltages. The modules are protected from thermal overload by means of an internal temperature sensor. Further protection is afforded against too high a signal frequency and unsufficient auxiliary supply. All fault conditions will be indicated at the fault signal output (pin 4) as a logical "Low" signal. At the same time the switch will be turned off until correct operating conditions are ensured.


  • Cost-efficient high voltage switch solution for simple pulse and discharge applications
  • Very EMC tolerant
  • Absolutely noise-free in on-state and off state
  • Low control power at high frequency


Maximum Average Power

20 W

Maximum Voltage

30 kV

Output Rise Time

15 ns

Maximum Current

30 A

Maximum Repetition Rate

10 kHz

Output Pulse Width

10 μs

Maximum Burst Frequency

1 MHz