Avtech AVL-2-C High-Amplitude Nanosecond Pulse Generator

Avtech AVL-2-C High-Amplitude Nanosecond Pulse Generator

Avtech AVL-2-C High-Amplitude Nanosecond Pulse Generator

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is an Avtech AVL-2-C-T-PN-M Pulse Generator. This AVL series model provides high amplitude (350 V) flat topped pulse outputs with rise times as low as 1 ns and fall times of 2 ns, pulse repetition frequencies to 5 KHz and maximum pulse widths variable from 3 to 100 ns via one turn controls. Instruction manual is included.

This AVL-2-C provides output amplitudes variable from 0 to 350 V with pulse widths variable to 100 ns. The pulse repetition frequency is variable from 50 Hz to 5 KHz using the internal clock oscillator which is controlled by a front panel one turn control. A delay control and sync output is provided for triggering purposes. An external TTL triggering input is also provided. The propagation delay in the externally triggered mode is typically 350 ns.

Included options are dual output polarity, variable risetime, and a monitor output. Polarity inversion is accomplished by means of a rear panel two position switch. Variable rise time control allows selection of risetime from 1.5 to 10 ns in ~1 ns increments. The monitor output provides a 20 dB attenuated coincident replica of the main output pulse.

The AVL series may be combined with the AVX transformer series to obtain peak currents of up to 14 Amps (eg. laser diode loads) or peak voltages as high as 700 volts to a 200 ohm load.

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Risetime Range

1.5 to 10 ns



Pulse Width Range

5 to 100 ns

Pulse Amplitude

0 to 350 V (50 Ω load)

Frequency Range

0 to 5 kHz

Mounting Position


Electrical Connectors



120/240 V, 50-60 Hz, 500 mA

Trigger Jitter

±100 picoseconds