RF250 High Power Range Flash

RF250 High Power Range Flash

Adapt Electronics RF250 High Power Range Flash

We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us.

This is an Adapt Electronics RF250 high power Range Flash with user manual and 115 V power cord. Flash-lamp is used but in operating condition.

The Adapt Electronics RF250 flash unit offers the user a very high intensity flash source with a very short duration. Ideal for both scientific and industrial processes that occur over a short time window. It is ideally suited for high speed photographic applications. The system is designed around the unique ADA5 Plug-in Xenon flash-lamp which allows safe handling and rapid tube replacement. The unit provides a duration of approx. 20 μs at 250 Joules nominal. Safety has been paramount in the design of the unit and includes many unique features.

Main Features

  • Plug-in flash-lamp -for ease of replacement
  • Logic controlled switch mode high voltage inverter -low weight and fast recycle time
  • Mains input 2 stage RFI filter
  • Fast dump circuit -drop-out relays remove charge from flash-lamp when dumping.
  • Fully tested to conform to European EMC requirements
  • Trigger input and output -via 50 ohm BNC connectors
  • Carry handle doubles as a sighting tube for alignment of the light beam

Safety Features

  • Fast acting charge dump circuit.
  • Overvoltage protection circuit activates charge dump circuit & illuminates warning lamp
  • Mains fail protection -activates charge dump circuit should mains fail
  • Voltage bleed resistors -slowly discharges capacitors should all other safety features fail
  • High voltage transient suppressors and opto isolators in key parts of the circuit to protect the control electronics from H.V. spikes
  • Heavy duty screened case -for high safety and RFI & EMC protection


Energy per Output Pulse

250 J

Beam Angle

Adjustable from 10 to 20 °

Light Source

Short arc Xenon filled plug-in type ADA5

Charge Voltage

2.5 kV

Trigger Input

Positive going 5-100 V, Negative Going TTL, or N/O Contact

Output Rise Time

7 μs

Trigger Input Impedance

50 Ω


12.5 mm thick aluminum

Trigger Output

20 V

Output Pulse Width

20 μs


80 μF

AC Input Power

90 to 130 and 190 to 250 V AC (auto switching), 200 VA

Lens Material

Laminated impact resistant glass

Trigger Jitter


Trigger Delay

3 μs