We are a team of engineers that designs instruments and experimental setups for physics experiments of today and tomorrow. We specialize in pulsed power, imaging, and time-resolved spectroscopy for high energy density physics research. Our commitment to serve the individual, highly specialized needs of our clients has made us the go-to company for unusual applications. We are proud to have served over 1,500 customers in 50 countries, including research laboratories at CERN, Fermilab, MIT, and NASA and companies like BAE, TI, and Qualcomm.




Since 2008, we have worked with more than 5,000 research instruments, either troubleshooting them or integrating them into custom experimental setups. Through our work with instruments made by others, we have seen what causes users trouble. When we design our instruments, we use this knowledge to create a smooth, trouble-free experience for our customers pushing the frontiers of high energy density physics.

We are led by Peer Hofstra whose expertise comes from troubleshooting, rebuilding, and engineering a broad range of scientific instruments. Peer started his training at The Black Hole in Los Alamos, NM, where he worked on surplus research instruments from the National Laboratories. As a student at MIT, Peer developed high-energy density sustainable batteries under the mentorship of Prof. Donald Sadoway.